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Cohesion is a creative agency providing marketing and design. They originate solutions that generate revenue, brand value and that support growth by winning hearts and minds.

They support companies in developing and implementing their marketing activity and provide creative designs to strengthen and support their messages and objectives. They are a creative agency but are also business focused, knowing that while you care about how creative their solutions are, you also care about what the solution will achieve, and the impact it will have on your bottom line.


Cohesion pride themselves on being straight talking. No waffle, jargon and unnecessarily big words that no one understands. As a marketing and design agency they provide marketing support and guidance and can provide creative work. However, they believe it works best if you view marketing and design as two interlinked things. Behind the scenes they will always test their recommendations for both marketing and design resilience to make sure they will meet your challenge.

Cohesion has a culture of participation. This allows the client to have access to the people doing the work and to be involved in shaping the end result. So it’s a complete service aimed at delivering a coherent message that will give a return to your business.


Cohesions methodology

Using research, insight and analysis we provide a perspective on the challenges and opportunities our clients face.

With careful consideration and analysis we bring our problem-solving skills to bear, to develop concepts that will deliver the opportunities.

In collaboration with our clients we develop validated concepts using a robust delivery process through to completion and launch.



Marketing support and guidance and creative work integrated into a seamless experience.

Ensure your target market sees you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

Print design
Despite the growth in web and digital technologies, printed communications lives on.

Web design
Drive your online marketing with a CMS website, emarketing, apps and social media.

Digital and mobile
Engage connected consumers with rich media multi-channel communications.

Exhibitions and events
Meet your target audience, build your brand, strengthen customer loyalty or launch a new product.